Tonight at Mauve? Gallery ///

Tonight at 7:00pm at 2000 Center Street, Berkeley, CA – 2nd Floor.

Didn’t You Get the Memo?

Check out work by:

This exhibition will look at the influence of the office aesthetic in independent publishing. The works selected for this show are either made with office materials, or reference the office environment in a pertinent way. These artists have used materials developed for the workplace to craft deliberate hand made books. As the office space becomes increasingly efficient, these artists address the relics of office production: the fax machine, the dot matrix printer, even the file folder.

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Featuring work by: Andreas Koller and Luca Beeler Eric William Carroll Luke Fischbeck Sternberg Press The MIT Press Daniel Glendening Matthew Scott Gualco Melissa Gordon Amy Harris Vanessa Hope + Tim Belonax Josh Keller Maciej Makalowski Marfa Book Co. Nicholas Miller Paper Monument Nickolas Mohanna Lisa Robertson Tarak Shaw + Maggie Lawson Jordan Stein Publication Studio Dexter Sinister Luke Stettner + Carmen Winant Daniel Yovino Rahel Zoller


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