EDICOLA – A Newsstand
Recipient of the 2012 Alternative Exposure Grant

Edicola : A newsstand selling magazines and newspapers,
but also independently printing books, available only at the stand.

987 1/2 Market St – at 6th St – San Francisco
OPEN Thursday + Friday 4-7  // Saturday + Sunday 12-5 


The Bold Italic
Daily Candy


This March 15th, 2012, marks the opening of a reinvention of the traditional newsstand.

Colpa Press will partner with the Central Market Community Benefit District
to create a venue for artist books, prints, and albums, on the corner of Market and 6th St.

Edicola is dedicated to providing a platform for emerging artists to reach
their community through support from the public and by repurposing a kiosk that would otherwise be vacant.

The stand will feature artists and musicians, both local and international, who work with the print format.

It will focus on work that pushes the independent publishing envelope, through creative strategies of printing
paired with high concept work.

As funds are made available, Colpa Press, will choose a local artist every month,
to publish, and his or her work will be featured at the kiosk.

Colpa will also choose an artist to design a poster for Edicola, every month,
and this poster will be made available exclusively at the kiosk.

Additionally, Colpa Press, will publish a monthly newspaper
featuring artists that are new to the kiosk, art and music reviews, including
new music features from Aquarius records, as well as market street news and local events.

Edicola is set on challenging the current state of publishing and suggesting
that we are far from the death of print. Through this program, independent press
can receive the stimulus it needs to be revitalized and flourish.

Edicola’s hours are Thursday and Friday 4-7 pm and Saturday + Sunday 12-5pm.



We are asking for submissions of art books, magazines, small prints, zines, records, tapes  and cards.

Please send images and a short description to hello@colpapress.com.

This is for you.

Yes, it’s cause we love you.



A short list of some of the artists/publishers we carry:

Renee Rhodes
Partisan Magazine
Owl + Tiger Books
Maciej Makalowski
Malte Jantzen
Little Paper Planes
Claudia De La Torre
We Still Like
Tim Johnson
Shabazz Projects
Jesse Boardman Kauppila
Lucky Dragons
Justin Hoover
Glass, House
Rachel Domm
Alexis Arnold

Chelsea Wong
Victoria Howe
Jehn Howard
Jen Giese
Aquarius Records
Hailey Loman

Conveyor Magazine
Christina Labey
Stephanie Dodes
Frau Grau
Dum Dum
Eric William Carroll
Ben Goddard
Sabina Nieto
Lay Flat
Rahel Zoller
Courtney Cassidy
Pablo Guardiola

Publication Studio
Public Fiction
Drift Magazine
Nickolas Mohanna
Ryan de la Hoz
Mirjam Rub
Aurora Crispin
Chris Lux
Aurora Crispin
Josh Keller

And many more!

15 thoughts on “EDICOLA – A NEWSSTAND

  1. Maciej says:

    I still have my books, if you would like them.
    And/or I could make prints.
    You know what my work looks like.

  2. Hi there!
    My name is Nicola Buffa. I have lots and lots and lots of book arts (journals and notebooks), small sale price prints (mostly woodcuts and screenprints), as well as a bunch of other crafty limited edition fine art collectables. Among other things.
    You can check me at nicolanoellebuffa.com
    or i can send you some more direct photo samples.
    I would like to participate and i have inventory, is the short of it!
    Let me know how to proceed if youre interested!

  3. Massimo says:

    Maciej is the worst!

  4. […] press’ pop-up newstand, edicola, on 6th & market streets in san […]

  5. CTP says:

    Oh yea, and I’m gonna bring over a couple of my books soon to show you 🙂

  6. pur slane says:

    forget the last question about why you weren’t open – doesn’t happen until 4 today…never mind

  7. […] second kiosk to go live was a local printmaker couple. Called Edicola, this kiosk sells magazines and newspapers, but also independently printed […]

  8. […] second kiosk to go live was a local printmaker couple. Called Edicola, this kiosk sells magazines and newspapers, but also independently printed […]

  9. […] the tech era. You can pick up a hand-printed and folded paper at their clever Market Street kiosk, Edicola. The digital update, however, is that Gazzetta is available to download, print, and read from […]

  10. […] San Francisco newsstand on Market and 6th St called Edicola is now carrying a small selection of Most Ancient books, including our newest release LODE. The […]

  11. […] its own.  Here are a few samples at Will Brown Gallery via Colpa Press.  Now the journals are at Colpa’s pop up news stand on 6th and Market, here is San Francisco.  Check it out!  It’s such a neat, condensed space for creative […]

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