Our monthly newspaper is featured here.

Gazzetta: a cheaply and quickly produced paper or, what we call, a rag. 

For a real print copy, stop by Edicola Thu-Fri 4-7, Sat+Sun 12-5.



ISSUE 10 – DECEMBER // JANUARY // THE HOLIDAY ISSUE // Printed on a Risograph.


ISSUE 9 – NOVEMBER // DECEMBER at Edicola November 20th.

ISSUE 8 – OCTOBER // NOVEMBER at Edicola September 19th.

ISSUE 7 – SEPTEMBER // OCTOBER – At Edicola September 18th.

ISSUE VI – AUGUST//SEPTEMBER – At Edicola August 17th.

ISSUE V – JULY//AUGUST – At Edicola July 17th.

ISSUE IV_JUNE // JULY- At Edicola June 15th.

ISSUE THREE_MAY // JUNE – At Edicola May 15th.

ISSUE TWO_APRIL//MAY – At Edicola April 12th.



9 thoughts on “GAZZETTA

  1. vagrantrogue says:

    geez, so much happening through colpa press! i find this gazzetta interesting – is edicola open on weekends?

  2. vagrantrogue says:

    yet another colpa press publication! so much happening through you – very exciting…is edicola open on weekends?

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