Newsprint Edition #7 – New york based artists Carmelle Safdie & Paul Branca reinvent a fruitstand in Astoria, Queens. This limited edition print, commemorates the project through a digital collage of all 12 paintings. Printed in a traditional “fruit stand green”, this edition of 30 is available online on our ORDER page as well as at EDICOLA. Read more about the Fruit and Vegetable stand here

Newsprint Edition #6 – Local Josh Keller lends his eye and hand to this NP Edition. $5.

Newsprint Edition #5 – LA based Hassan Rahim of Shabazz projects designed this one. $5 at Edicola.

Newsprint Edition #4- Number four with a bang. Sarah Hotchkiss designed this one exclusively for sale at Edicola. $5 as always.

Newsprint Edition #3 – Our third newsprint edition is from Los Angeles based artist Hailey Loman. Posters available at Edicola for $5.

Newsprint Edition #2 – Facundo Arganaraz is a local SF artist, coming off his first solo show at The Popular Workshop. This exclusive Edicola poster on the back of this month’s Gazzetta.

Our monthly print series, Newsprint Editions, begins with Berliner / former San Franciscan and Native Hawaiian, Nathan Cowen. An edition of 25, these prints are available for $5 only at Edicola. 

Printed on yellow newsprint. You can check out Nathan’s work at or


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